National Animal Experiment Board

These net pages include  information for the use of animals for scientific purposes.

Animal experiments are authorized in Finland by the national Animal Experiment Board (Eläinkoelautakunta, ELLA).

ELLA is divided into four sections: Helsinki, Turku, Kuopio and Oulu.
These sections process applications and grant authorizations for animal experiments in their regular meetings. If the members of the section do not agree the granting of authorization, the application is referred to the ELLA (the board meeting with all sections).  

The matters processed by sections or ELLA are prepared by the representing officers in ESAVI (Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland): Ella-team, ella(at)

The Finnish Act on Animal Experimentation (62/2006) sets down the rules for using animals for experimental purposes. As main principles: 
1.  an animal experiment is not allowed to be done without a licence authorized by Animal Experiment Board = Project lincence.
2. a person who perform animal experiments must be competent = Personal licence